一日一词:你知道cause 有事业的意思吗

cause n.

①起因;原因 a person or thing that makes sth happen

cause and effect因果

Cars are one of the leading causes of air pollution in the world today汽车是当今世界空气污染的主要原因之一。

②事业;理想;目标 an organization, belief or aim that people support or fight for:

(2009广东)The Nobel prizes would be awarded to people who made great contributions to the causes of peace, literature, and the sciences.诺贝尔奖将颁发给为和平、文学和科学事业做出巨大贡献的人。

③ v. 引起;导致

Unpunctual people seldom realize that their habit causes problems to others.不守时的人很少意识到他们的习惯会给别人带来不便。

·cause sb sth

His wound caused him great suffering.他的伤让他深受痛苦。

·cause sth for sb

The bad weather is causing problems for many farmers.坏天气给很多农民带来麻烦。

·cause sb/ sth to do sth:

What caused you to change your mind?是什么让你改变主意了?

cause与 reason

cause多指导致某事发生的“起因”,常用 cause of结构。

reason多指做某事或解释某事的“理由”、“借口”。常用 reason for, reason why结构。



That was the reason why the meeting was put off.