( ) 1. In the picture there are many____ and two________.

A. sheep; foxes B. sheeps; fox C. sheeps; foxes D. sheep;foxs

( ) 2. A group of______ will visit the museum tomorrow.

A. GermenB. Australian C. JapaneseD. American

( ) 3. This table is made of___.

A. many glass B. glasses C. some glasses D. glass

( )4.-What would you like to have for lunch , sir?

-I'd like____.

A. chicken B. a chicken C. chickens D. the chicken

( )5. Children should make____ for old people in a bus.

A. room B. a room C. rooms D. the room

( )6.I wonder why ______ are so interested in action (武打片) films.

A. people B. peoples C. the people D. the peoples

( ) 7.I have read____ of the young writer.

A. works B. work C. this works D. the works

( )8. Let's meet at 7: 30 outside the gate of___?

A. the People's Park B. the Peoples' Park C. the People Park D. People's Park

( )9.___ Chinese people are ___ hard working people.

A./; a B. We; the C. The; the D. The; a

( ) 10.How many _______were there in the street when the accident happened?

A. policeman B.polices C.police D. peoples

( ) 11. If these trousers are too big , buy a smaller____.

A. set B.one C.piece D. pair

( )12 Last week I bought a TV____.

A. pair B. set C. piece D. block

( )13.There is a_________ of wood left on the ground.

A.cup B. piece C. box D. pair

( )14. These ____ were sent to the villages to help the farmers.

A. women doctor B. women doctors C. woman doctors D. woman doctor

( )15.They write most of their ___ in English.

A. business letter B. business letters C. businesses D. businesses letters

( )16.We came to a ___ at last . and went in.

A.watch shopB.watches shopC. watching shop D. watchs shop

( )17.This shop sells apples , bananas and things like these. It's a___

A. food shopB. book shop C. fruit shop D. vegetable shop

( )18.She broke a___while she was washing up.

A.glass of wine B.glass for wine C. glass wine D. wine glass

( )19.September 10th is____in China.

A. Teacher's Day B. Teachers' Day C. Teacher Day D. Teachers Day

( )20.---Is the broom under ____ desk?

---No , it's under____desk.

A. the teacher's; Sandy B. teacher's; Sandy's C. teacher's; Sandy D. the teacher's; Sandy's

( )21.Excuse me , where is the___?

A. men's room B. mens' room C. men's rooms D. men rooms

( )22. The football under the bed is____.

A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily's and Lucy's C. Lily's and Lucy D. Lily and Lucy's

( )23.This is my____dictionary.

A. sister Mary B. sister's Mary C. sister Mary's D. sister's Mary's

( )24.He went to ___ shop to buy a shirt.

A. a tailor B. the tailor C. a tailor's D. the tailor's

( )25. In a few____ time , those mountains will be covered with trees.

A. year B. years' C. year's D. years

( )26. It's about ___ walk from my house.

A. ten minute B. ten minutes' C. ten minute's D. ten minutes

( )27. The post office is a bit far from here. It's about_____.

A.thirty minutes's walk B. thirty minute's walk C. thirty minutes' walk D. thirty minutes walk

( )28. ____ face to the south.

A. Windows of the room B. The windows of the room C. The room's windows D. The windows in room

( )29. Please take two___.

A. picture of the park B. pictures of the park C. the pictures of a park D. picture of a park

( ) 30. The workers are repairing____.

A.the roof of the house B. a roof of the house C. roof of the house D. this roof of house

( )31. Miss Smith is a friend of____.

A. Mary's mother's B. Mary's mother C. mother's of Mary D. Mary mothers,

( )32.This is a book of ___.

A. Tom B. Tom's C. her D. him

( )33. The post card is sent by ____.

A.a friend of my father B. a friend of my father's C. my father friend D. my father friend's

( )34. Sydney is a city of___.

A.America B. Germany C. Australia D. Japan

( )35. --- What would you like to drink, girls? --- _________, please.

A.Two cup of coffee B. Two cup of coffees C. Two cups of coffee D. Two cups of coffees

( )36. In England , the last name is the ___.

A. full name B. family name C. middle name D. given name

( )37. Mr Gao is a teacher. He works in a new____.

A. shop B. school C. factory D. hospital

( )38.My father is a____. He works in a hospital.

A. teacher B. doctor C. farmer D. soldier

( )39.-Which animal lives only in China? -The____.

A. tiger B. monkey C. panda D. elephant

( )40.April comes before___and after___.

A. March; May B. May; MarchC. June; May D. March; February

( )41. Which of the following is right?

A. China has a large population. B. China has much population.

C. China has many populations. D. China has a great deal of population.

( )42. You played the violin wonderfully . Will you please play another____?

A. one B. game C. programme D. piece

( ) 43. Here _______ some good news for you.

A. is B. are C. am D. be

( ) 44. Wei Hua has a little _______ for supper.

A. breads B. bread C. the bread D. a bread

( )45. Please pass them ______.

A. two cups of tea B. two cup of tea

C. two cups of teasD. two cup of teas

( ) 46. Mr. Smith gave us _____ on studying English.

A. some advicesB. many advices

C. an adviceD.some advice

( ) 47. I have to do ______ this afternoon.

A. a lot workB. a lot of work

C. many workD. a lot of works

( )48. There are _________ in our school.

A. many woman teachers and girls students

B. many women teachers and girls students

C. many woman teachers and girl students

D. many women teachers and girl students

( ) 49. There _______ many ________ in the fields.

A. is; sheepB. is; sheeps

C. are; sheepsD. are; sheep

( ) 50. Look, those three _______ are talking with the three _______.

A. Englishmen; GermenB. Englishmans; Germans

C. Englishmen; GermansD. Englishmans; Germen

( ) 51. The color pens are ____________.

A. Tom and JimB. Tom's and Jim

C. Tom and Jim'sD. Tom's and Jim's

( ) 52. My parents are at ____________.

A. the doctorB. the doctors

C. the doctor office D. the doctor's

( ) 53. Mary is at ____________.

A. her uncleB. her uncles

C. her uncle houseD. her uncle's

( )54. I have two _______ and three bottles of _________ here.

A. orange, orange B. oranges, oranges

C. oranges, orange D. orange, oranges

( )55. An old _______ wants to see you.

A. people B. person C. the people D. the person

( )56. Help yourself to __________.

A. chickens and apples B. chickens and apple

C. chicken and apple D. chicken and apples

( )57. She has been in Tianjin for ten years. Tianjin has become her second _________.

A. family B. house C. home D. room

( )58. --- You can see Mr. Smith if there is a sign "_______ "on the door of his shop.   --- Thanks. A.ENTRANCE B.BUSINESS HOURS C.THIS SIDE UP D.NO SMOKING

( )59.The team ________ having a meeting .

A. is B. are C. am D. be

( )60. --- "Would you like _________?" --- "________, please."

A. drink, Three coffees B. a cup of drink, Coffees

C. a drink, A coffee D. a drink, Three cups of coffees

( )61. Last night, there was a food accident. The _______ were ill, but no _______ were lost.

A. child, lives B. children, life C. children, lives D. child, life

( )62. ---This is a photo of _________ when they were young.

---OK, how happy they both looked!

A. my father and mother B. my mother and father's

C. my mother's and father's D.my father's and my mother

( )63. During Christmas, people get together and sing Christmas songs for _________.

A. fun B. wishes C. interest D. thanks

( )64. Some _________ are flying kites near the river.

A. child B. boy C. boys D. childs

( )65. They are those _________ bags.Please put them on the bus.

A. visitor B. visitors C. visitor's D. visitors'

( )66. ---What do you think of the _______ the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven?

--- It sounds really wonderful.

A. subject B. music C. book D. animal

( )67. There is not enough _________ in the corner for the fridge.

A. place B. room C. field D. ground

( )68. _________ comes from sheep and some people like eating it .

A. Wool B. Pork C. Mutton D. Milk

( )69. If you don't take more ________, you'll get fat.

A. medicine B. lessons C. photos D. exercise

( )70. Mum, I have _______ to tell you!

A. a good news B. some good news C. some good newes D. many good news

( )71. Which is the ________ to the post office?

A. street B. way C. road D. address

( )72. Maths ________ not easy to learn.

A. are B. is C. am D. were

( )73.There on the wall .They are very beautiful.

A. are photoes B. are photosC. is a photo D. is photos

( )74. This kind of car made in Shanghai.

A. is B .are C .were D .has

( )75. In England, if ____ is in the middle of the day, the evening meal is called supper. A. food B. lunch C. breakfast D. dinner( )76. The old man wants .

A. six boxes of apples B. six boxes of apple C. six box of apples D. six boxs of apples

( )77. There some in the river.

A. is ,fish B. are, fishs C. is, fishs D. are ,fish

( )78. There two in the box.

A. is ; watch B. are ; watches C. are watch D. is ; watches

( )79. We should clean twice a day.

A .our tooth B. our tooths C.teeth D.our teeth

( )80.The _____ meeting room is near the reading room.

A.teacher B.teacher's C.teachers' D.teachers

( )81. In Britain _____ are all painted red.

A.letter boxes B.letters boxes C.letter box D.letters box

( )82. They come from different ______ .

A. country B. countries C. a country D. countrys

( )83. How many ______ do you see in the picture?

A. tomatos B. tomatoes C. tomato D. the tomato

( )84. There is no ______ in the plate.

A. apples B. oranges C. rice D. eggs

( )85.I want three white paper.

A.pieces B.piece of C.pieces of

( )86.Do you want to drink much ?

A.a milk B.milk C.milks

( )87.In autumn,you can see a lot of on the ground.

A.leaf B.leafs C.leaves( )88.The little baby has two _______ already. A. tooth B. tooths C. teeth D. teeths( )89.What's your _______ for being late again? A. idea B. key C. excuse D. news

( )90.Joan is _____.

A. Mary's and Jack sister B. Mary and Jack's sister C. Mary and Jack sister D. Mary's and Jack's sister

( )91. A classmate of _________ was here ten minutes ago.

A. you B. your C. your sister D. your sister's

( )92. ---Are there any ________ on the farm? ---Yes, there are some. A. horse B. duck C. chicken D. sheep( )93. ---What would you like to drink, ________ or orange? ---Orange, please. A. hamburger B. chip C. tea( )94.Mike hurt one of his ______ in the accident yesterday. A. tooth B. feet C. hand D. ear( )95.There is some _______ on the plate. A. cakes B. meat C. potato D. pears

根据句意写出所缺的单词。96. They have invited a _______(science) to give them a speech on a space.

97.He is very rich . He owns several big c_______ around the world .

98.His _______( ill ) is even worse than I thought it would be .

99.The children clapped and screamed with _________ ( excite ) when they saw their favourite characters .

100.I'd like a cup of coffee with s___________ in it . I prefer sweet taste .